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Image by Mike Nahlii

KOM Genesis NFT

Check out our whitepaper here for more info or find out below what we're doing in KOM megacity.

Our 1111 collection has been fully minted, 211 tokens have successfully completed the genesis quest with a now total supply of 900.

Find our collection on here


Frequently Asked Questions

How will the land be purchased after minting? What kind of land will be bought?

Ideally, the cheapest land of tier 1 is the main goal, to maximise ROI and resource pooling. This will be entirely up to holders.

Will there be a time limit of the mint availability?

No, the collection has been fully minted though so the only way you can hold a KOM nft is by making an offer via the opensea marketplace. 

Does KoM take any profits?

No, infact over $500 has been invested into the launch of KOM Genesis NFT’s, includes designs, blockchain costs, airdropped tokens, software subscriptions and gas fees. None of the mint costs will cover this and is what KoM community is all about. If there is an initiative that the holders wish to put forward that is outside the white paper scope, the pool may be used towards that if voted accordingly.

Are the rarities generated at random?

Yes, rare sets are spread out across all 1111 tokens. Only the creator has access to this information and it will not be released by any other means aside from minting the entire collection.

Are you prepared to do more collections?

Not for this collection no. There will be other assets on the blockchain that will have utility and purpose at varying costs, depending on a number of factors. But this is our main project in the NFT space.

I want an nft, but I don’t know much about blockchain or cryptocurrencies/
NFT’s. Help!

No problem! Feel free to message us if you’re unsure and assistance/guidance can be provided.

I can’t see the NFT on my opensea profile or wallet. Why?

If you were airdropped an nft they will be located in the hidden section of your account. Some wallets (I.e MetaMask) also require importing NFT’s to show them on their app/extension. Check here

So, what am I really buying?

You're buying a membership, with rewards and benefits as above. As well as aesthetically pleasing avatar to freely use as you please.

I’ve noticed some NFT’s were given for free. How does this work?

Prior to the token mint going live, a number of community members were airdropped NFT’s for numerous reasons. With those tokens, each represents approx 50 t1 tiles. So In effect, 1 token = 20 matic = 50 t1 tiles. This land was purchased and added to the Genesis pool upon minting.

Is this project rug proof?

Absolutely. We've taken the necessary measures to ensure that the person who have permissions and access is secure and only the founder and creator of KOM has this.  

Why should I buy this nft and trust that you’ll do the right thing?

In the KoM community, we've dedicated almost a year investing time money and resources into building something engaging and fun. We've not taken profits from KOM and any made has been reinvested. On top of that, we have given away 1000’s of E2 tiles, memorabilia, and always offer to help. We’re transparent and clarification/evidence is always provided directly or indirectly if in doubt.

I'm confused how this works, can you explain it like i'm 5 years old?

Feel free to contact us via chat and we'll be more than happy to explain it as best we can.

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