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KOM announces Knights Tournament for 2024

The Knights of Malta get ready this coming year for a competition like no other. Look forward to challenges in multiple categories, such as:

  • Gaming

  • Social

  • Earth 2 raiding

  • Trivia

  • Land ownership

  • And rewards for participation!

KOMMC prides itself on focusing on player engagement and rewarding active users in our community, this year we'll be putting up $500USD+ worth of prizes for our most active and dedicated players.

Also as a token of our appreciation for participation a special prize is up for grabs (not yet announced).

We have always believed, irrespective of platform development, in creating a fun environment to build in, whether it be via collaboration, portfolio management, eco sim development, gameplay or friendships.

The Knights Tournament is our next step to bring together members of the community and to grow/prosper with us.

More details to come in the new year so stay tuned!

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to a fruitful new year to come.

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