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Knights of Malta restructures and merges TKO/KOM brands

A basic overview of the new structure

A vote has concluded earlier today, with majority of guild and citizens voting for the abolishment of TKO branding and absorbing of the guild functions to KOM. Our new process for verification will be simple and easy to follow. The distinction is now clear as far as brand recognition is concerned. Discord server changes have taken place, please read below the following changes in more details:

~Citizen~ Share your profile link to ⁠✅role-verification to gain access to our main channel ⁠💬grotto-tavern.  ~Squire~ Citizens wishing to join the guild must submit a request by pledging their allegiance to Knight of Malta in the ⁠🖋join-guild . To gain promotion in becoming a Knight, they must fulfill the following conditions: 1/ Their Earth 2 profile must have something that represents Knights of Malta, whether it be in their name, banner or description. 2/ They must invite 1 fellow citizen to become a squire (the squire must add in their request to join "Ref: insert username here" 3/ Upon fulfilling these tasks, they must tag a Knight in ⁠✅role-verification with evidence that tasks 2/3 have been completed. Has access to ⁠💬fort-st-angelo  ~Knight~ Knights are the core members of our guild and megacity project. By gaining this role, they have voting and proposal powers as well as access to the ⁠💬grandmaster-palace . An activity check will be conducted every 3 months to ensure our group isn't dormant.

We hope to see more members who may wish to join our guild functions. This new process is vigilant in stopping members who are not active in Earth 2, such as bots/scammers and bad actors in the space now that Earth 2 is soon to launch it's first onchain asset Essence to the decentralised exchange UniSwap this year.

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