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Knights Tournament begins!


Here are the ways you can play and win in our Knights Tournament.

Points to note:

โณThe Tournament begins tomorrow, to claim points please visit and send your screenshots for points via the chat box. Please submit your E2 profile link to start.

๐Ÿ“‹A leaderboard is here updated regularly on our discord. Winners will be contacted at the end of each month to claim their prize. All you need is an Earth 2 account to play.

๐Ÿ’Ž Participating once in each category per month for 12 months grants you the Knights Templar Necklace.

Here are the categories and what to do:


A game will be announced to play with all details required. Placing will grant you points and so will participating.


1/ Create an invite link to this discord and share to your socials. Each person you get grants you 1 point.

2/ We will hold a trivia in this discord. Winning and participating will win points.

3/ We will also hold a voice chat meet up to be announced each month. Join in on the voice chat to win a point.


1/ take screenshots at the beginning and end of the month of your profiles RED ENERGY. Submit via the chatbox at The person with the greatest increase by % will win the title and prize for RAID CHAMPION.

2/ submit your profile tile count with a screenshot in the chatbox at . The player with the highest % increase in total tiles wins the title of HOARDER and wins the points. Send through shots at the beginning and end of the month.

3/ buying new tiles in Malta (100) grants you 1 point. Please send through property links in the chatbox on our website.

4/ all territory votes for Malta will award you points. Submit a screenshot of the territory you voted for showing the โ€œI votedโ€ checkmark.


1/ Participants of Shoon City's shoonfest will be awarded points

2/ Participants of Evolve competitions will be awarded points

3/ Share any of our socials or websites with screenshot proof sent to chatbox to win points.

4/ Donating t1 tiles (50) to the KOM Genesis account will also award you points. Please dm me to donate.

Happy playing all and good luck to everyone.

Note: Cheating will not be tolerated and anyone found abusing alt accounts for the Earth2 category will be disqualified.


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