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KOM have launched NFTs

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The time has now arrived with KOM Genesis now minting the long awaited NFTs for Knights of Malta (an focused group) on the polygon network. The NFTs are amazing and those (some?) that have been minted can be seen on open sea. I myself have grabbed one making it 115 already minted (at time of writing) there is a cap of 1,111 of this set.

Get along to KOM for a look around through link below.

From the KOM Page:

KOM Genesis is a new NFT project that offers unique PFP designs, exclusive access for token holders, resource pooling for better ROI, and increased control over our digital assets. With KOMGN, you can stand out with one-of-a-kind PFP designs(rarity system called Class/District/Identifier CDI) and get access to exciting features only available to token holders.

Additionally, pooling from mint ensures better returns on your investment, while asset access gives you more control over your digital assets and voting. Join the Knights today and be part of the Web3 revolution.

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