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KOM Games 2023 - BIG Prizes to be won!!

**KOM GAMES 2023: Smash Kart**

How to win:

Points from each round will contribute to your overall tally and position on the leaderboard.

Arena invites will be posted in this channel at the time with @here notification.

Here are the conditions of entry:

```- Must own 1 KOM nft

- Must connect your wallet to #collabland-join to gain the Genesis role and access the Genesis channels to be notified of each round.

- Compete in 1 round out of 10 rounds (there will be 1 round per weekend)


The players with the most points will win the following prizes:

```- 1st place will be granted the role and title of KOM CHAMPION for 2023 as well as 300 tier 1 tiles and 3 KOM NFT’s. ($160 usd)

- 2nd place will win 200 tier 1 tiles and 2 KOM NFT’s. ($106 usd)

- 3rd place will win 100 tier 1 tiles and 1 KOM NFT’s. ($43 usd)

- Each round played will grant you 1 ticket into the draw randomly selected to win 1 of 5 NFT’s

That’s $400+ worth of prizes to be won!


Can’t wait to see you all there and let the games begin!

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